SIXARMS is an innovative company that is using cutting edge unmanned aerial vehicle (i.e. drone) technologies to produce efficient, accurate and cost-effective measurement solutions within the broadcast, telecommunication and defence RF environments.

We have taken our extensive knowledge and experience in these areas, added an airborne platform, replaced out-of-date measurement practices and created portable airborne measurement systems to offer a new era in rapid characterization of transmission infrastructure.

We offer consultancy services and measurement products around antenna proof of performance.




Jason Schreiber
Director + RF Engineer

Jason is driving force behind SIXARMS with over 15 years in the broadcast and telecommunication environments. He is also a trainer, remote pilot and advocate for educating youth about the wonders of the outdoors.  

Ian Gair
Director + RF Specialist

Ian is a Chartered Professional Engineer with over 30 years in the Broadcast and Telecommunications industries. Ian is able to consult on a techinical as well as strategic level and brings with him a wealth of experience and leadership.

William Gebers
Electrical Engineer + SDR Guru

William is an Electrical Engineer with a background in software development and control systems. His experience ranges across a number of specialities including embedded systems, networking, web development and software defined radio.

Andre Myburgh
Software Engineer + Tinkerer

Andre is a Software Engineer with a passion to create. Mixing his interests in the fields of electronics, radio and machining he is always busy tinkering with some creation. He even developed an x86 32-bit OS in his spare time. He solves problems.  





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